SAE 62 bronze, also known as UNS C90500, is a bronze alloy with a specific composition of copper, tin, and lead. Here is more information about this alloy:

Typical Chemical Composition of SAE 62 Bronze (UNS C90500):

Brinell hardness between 75 – 85 HB

Tensile strength of 4000 kg/cm2

Elongation in 5.08 cm of 10%

SAE 62 bronze has a microcrystalline structure and is known for its excellent lubrication and sliding properties. This makes it suitable for applications where low friction and wear are required, such as bearings and machine components.

This alloy also exhibits good corrosion resistance in marine environments and seawater, making it useful in marine and water-related applications.

It should be noted that the designation SAE 62 and UNS C90500 are used to identify and standardize this bronze alloy according to the standards and specifications of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the UNS (Unified Numbering System) coding system. These designations facilitate communication and recognition of materials in different industries and applications.