SAE 660 bronze, also known as UNS C93200, is a
widely used bronze alloy due to its slip properties and
wear resistance.
More information about this alloy is provided below :

Typical Chemical Composition of SAE 660 Bronze (UNS C93200):

Brinell hardness between 65 – 75 HB

Tensile strength of 2400 kg/cm2

Elongation in 5.8 cm of 10%

SAE 660 bronze is known as graphited bronze or SAE 660
“bearing” bronze. It contains dispersed graphite particles in its structure, which
gives it excellent self-lubricating properties and
dry workability. These characteristics make it suitable for
sliding and friction applications such as bearings, bushings and
machine components.

In addition to its self-lubricating ability, SAE 660 bronze also offers good
wear resistance, mechanical strength, and load capacity. It is capable of
supporting heavy loads and operating at high speeds without damaging
friction surfaces.

The designation SAE 660 and UNS C93200 are used to identify and standardize this
bronze alloy according to the standards and specifications of the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and the UNS (Unified Numbering System)
coding system .
These designations facilitate communication and
recognition of materials in different industries and