The number one process in the world!
Thanks to its high production volume and elimination of porosity in the finished product.


At Industrial Okendo we manufacture bronze through the continuous casting process, eliminating oxygen through the injection of nitrogen in a controlled atmosphere in order to obtain a better microstructure that avoids shrinkage, porosity and waste generation.

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Sintering is a thermal cycle that heats the compacted part for a certain time at a temperature below the melting point of the base metal. The high temperature causes the welding of the powder particles together and the diffusion of the alloying elements by means of a solid state diffusion mechanism.



This process offers a better uniformity of the material, which improves its chemical and mechanical properties.

fundicion en arena

In Sand

The process consists of pouring the molten metal into a sand mold, letting it solidify and then breaking the mold to remove the melt. Subsequently, the casting goes through a cleaning and inspection process.