C95400 bronze, also known as C954 aluminum bronze, is a high-strength bronze alloy that meets the ASTM B505 specification. This alloy is characterized by its aluminum and nickel content, which gives it superior mechanical properties.

The typical composition of C95400 bronze is approximately 83% copper (Cu), 10% aluminum (Al) and 1% nickel (Ni), with small amounts of iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn). This combination of elements gives C95400 bronze high tensile strength, hardness, and wear resistance, making it suitable for demanding applications.

Brinell hardness between 150 – 195 HB

Tensile strength of 5900 kg/cm2

Elongation in 5.08 cm of 12%

C95400 bronze is used in a variety of industries and applications that require high mechanical strength and wear resistance. It is commonly used in the manufacture of bearings, bushings, gears, cams, heavy machinery components, and structural parts. It is also found in marine applications, such as propellers, marine accessories, and submerged components, due to its resistance to corrosion in saltwater.

It is important to note that the exact properties and applications of C95400 bronze can vary depending on the manufacturing process and the heat or mechanical treatments applied to the alloy.