What are the most requested bronze alloys in the industry?

Let’s start by defining that Bronze is an alloy made up of copper with other elements. Copper has 2 main alloys that are commonly used in industry: Brass and Bronze.

The main components of Brass are Copper and Zinc, which provide great resistance to corrosion by acids, but lack strength and resistance.

On the other hand, bronze is made up of copper, tin and different metals that are incorporated into the casting process depending on the type of use that it will be given.

The most requested bronze alloys in the industry are the following:
C84400 o Standard
 : Copper alloy with a lead content that improves its machinability.

C93200 or SAE 660 : Copper-tin alloy with high lead content and excellent lubrication properties.

C90500 or SAE 62 : Copper alloy containing 88% copper and 10% tin, and is known for its high resistance to corrosion and erosion in salt water.

C95400 OR SAE 68 : Also known as Aluminum Bronze, it offers high performance and high tensile strength. It exhibits unusual compressive strength, superior non-scratching and non-galling properties. It is one of the hardest bronze alloys that currently exist.

All of our products are governed by the ASTM B505 (Standard Specification for Copper Alloy Continuous Castings) standard to guarantee maximum quality in each of our bars.