What is SAE 841 Sintered Bronze?

The “ SAE 841″ nomenclature is a specification for controlled porosity bronze. Its most popular use is sintered bronze bearings.

SAE 841 is important in industry because it has a number of properties that make it suitable for a variety of applications, including its high resistance to wear, its ability to carry heavy loads, and its low friction.

SAE 841 Bronze Bearings

Did you know?

SAE 841 sintered bronze bearings are commonly used in machinery and equipment that require smooth, quiet motion, such as electric motors, air compressors, and pumps.

They are also used in applications where high precision and dimensional stability are required, such as measuring instruments and laboratory equipment. In addition, SAE 841 sintered bronze bearings are an economical and durable alternative to other materials such as steel and solid bronze, making them attractive for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Sintering Technique

The production of SAE 841 is based on the sintering technique , which is a metal fabrication process that involves heating metal powder to high temperatures to form a solid material.

To produce SAE 841, bronze powder and graphite are mixed in specified proportions and compressed in a press to form a pressed shape.

SAE 841 Sintered Bronze

Once pressed, it undergoes a sintering process where it is heated to a very high temperature in a controlled high-temperature, low-oxygen furnace to bond the bronze and graphite particles together.

The result is a solid, porous bronze material with a uniform and controlled pore pattern, which gives SAE 841 its high porosity and permeability.

The material then undergoes an oil soaking process, where it is dipped in lubricating oil and fired to seal the oil into the pores of the material. This production process results in a durable, strong material that has high lubricity and low friction, making it ideal for applications in the machinery and equipment industry that require smooth, quiet movement.

In short, SAE 841 is of tremendous importance in industry due to its unique properties and versatility in a wide variety of machinery and equipment applications.

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