SAE 841 Sintered Bronze is a material made using the
sintering process, which involves compacting and heating bronze powder
until the particles fuse together without being completely melted.

SAE 841 Sintered Bronze is composed primarily of self-lubricating bronze and is commonly used in bearing and bushing applications where good
slip and lubrication capabilities are required.

The SAE 841 designation is based on the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) specifications for this type of material.

The exact composition of SAE 841 sintered bronze can vary, but is generally made up of approximately:

Rockwell hardness between 50 – 60 HR

Compressive strength of 15,084 PSI

15,998 PSI breaking stress

SAE 841 sintered bronze exhibits self-lubricating properties due to
the solid lubricants incorporated into its structure during the
sintering process. These lubricants allow a reduction in
friction and wear, resulting in better bearing performance
and longer life.

It is important to note that SAE 841 sintered bronze may have a lower density and
lower mechanical strength compared to conventional bronze.
However, it does offer advantages in terms of self-lubrication and ability
to work under high load conditions and low to medium speeds.

SAE 841 sintered bronze is widely used in
automotive and industrial applications where good
slip and lubrication capabilities are required, such as in automotive bearings,
agricultural machinery, and industrial equipment.